Jakarta Aquarium

First time I hear about this aquarium and get exclusive preview, I’m so exciteeeddd… This place opened in Feb 2017. In my expectation, in Feb 2017 I can see whole side, but unfortunately not. I just can saw empty aquariums. Hiks… They said that I can visit again next month, then I came over again and the tank was full of fish. This is one of my shoot inside. If you want to see another picture inside this place, just visit my instagram. I’ve already tag the place in the picture.

Ok, so after I move around…. Ta-daaaaaa…. There’s a spot that not ready yet. It still in cover, so sad… But overall I think it’s ok to visit this place for once, quite small, good decoration, beautiful light design, but I still prefer seaworld #peace (* v *)v, because I like to see big fish in the aquarium, not live in the sea. It’s quite scary for me. Overall, that’s just my opinion. Maybe you have another opinion…


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